Company History

Hascelik Kablo is Turkey's leading and largest, Europe's one of the largest scale power cable (with aluminum conductor) manufacturer. At 2008, Hascelik Kablo moved all facilities to it's modern  manufacturing plant with 60.000m2 closed facility on 130.000m2 area. Today, Hascelik Kablo has 450 employees and exporting products to 65 countries all over the world. Product range is;

  • 1 kV Power Cables with Aluminum and Copper Conductors
  • 10 kV to 66 kV power cables with aluminum and copper conductor
  • AAC, ACSR and AAAC bare overhead line conductors
  • OPGW, and Aluminum Clad Earth Wires
  • Copper Earth Wires
  • Aluminum and Copper Rod

Within 2016, Hascelik Kablo will start manufacturing and supply of high voltage power cables up to 154 kV.

With high quality and continious development policy, Hascelik Kablo has invested second production facility on 22500m2 closed plant on 45000m2 area, for production of OPGW, Aluminum Clad Wires and Strands, Optical Fiber in Stainless Steel Tube and Optical Fiber in Aluminum Tube. 

Today, Hascelik Kablo has 2 manufacturing plant and Turkey's largest 212nd ındustrial company according to survey of Istanbul Chamber of Industry 2015.